Parley 2

You’ve been fooling me the whole time.

Your promise. Your guidance. Your intentions.

You’ve led me in circles. You’ve consumed everyone I knew. All to prepare me to become one of you.

I won’t let you finish your plans. I’m not going to wear your sludge. They were my friends.

You, and Holts, will have to see me die.

“How so, when I’m cradling you like a baby?”


“Your pathetic attempts can’t even faze our plans.”


“I didn’t break our promise. You shall be given the ability to fly.”

“Not at a cost of becoming one of you!”

“Now you have the gall to treat us like degenerates? Did you look at yourself first?”

“I wanted to save you too!”

“Lies! I cannot be saved, much less by the likes of you!

“Admit it. All you’ve wanted is to look down on this world. A form of petty revenge, and nothing more. You cannot save me with that in mind. Huh, now that I’ve thought of it, you’re much more of a lower being than us, so you can already consider this as a promotion!”


“You’ve lost ever since our deal exactly a year ago.”

“I… did. I never noticed it.”

“We never really thought that you’d find out. Your dreams are mere dust motes for us. You’ve only gotten worse since getting out of that space. And the worse you get, the more you became a pathetic being. You’ve lost since playing the game. And this is your reward for sticking with it.

“You’re going to become a game master.

“This won’t take long. Now, close your eyes.

“You are supposed to be a god, after all.”

“I’m going to end this loop.”

“Such big words coming from a small being.”

“I’ll break you apart from the inside. If I can’t, then they will.

“I’ll make sure you, Holts, and everyone are free from your miseries.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been annoyed from all your big talks. Shut it up, you loser!”

“Let me become one of you. I’ll fight you. We’ll save you.”

“I’ll shut you up if you don’t-”

“I’ll make sure that I’m the last of our kind. I’ll save-”

My whole body was numb. All my senses were getting weaker. Everything was blurry, except for one figure before me. I managed to speak a little more before my last breath.

“Thank you for the company anyway, Patricia Rostonn.”

“My faith in you never faded. And thank you too, for the company.”

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It shouldn’t have turned out to this.

Tsk. I’m too stupid not to notice the scent of her when we first met. Now I suffer the consequences.

She’s after Patricia Rostonn. Maybe even Holts. Or anyone who comes into contact with her.

Maybe she’s the reason why the villagers are gone, after all.

If only Patricia herself was here, then she could’ve been taken care of easily. I finally knew where she is, though.

I just have to reach the peak.

I am supposed to be a god, after all.

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“Careful. Very steep in here. I suggest that we start descending.”

“But we’re about to reach the top. There’s no turning back from here.”

“I thought that you’re supposed to find where the villagers had gone to? Not to climb some mountain.”

“There could be a possibility that they’re at the summit. I don’t know, honestly. So we find it out.”

“Not at a cost of risking our lives!”

“You’re free to descend anyway, so why complain?”

“Not when there’s no guide to hand me the ropes going down!”

“Fair enough. I’m sorry, but I have to keep pressing on.”

“… This is the mountain Patricia Rostonn asked you to climb, right?”

“Yes. I don’t recall telling you that.”

“I’ve finally found what I’m looking for. Freeze, I won’t let you get to the top.”

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“Happy New Year. Got any resolutions?”

“Happy New Year. A resolution? Yeah, I’ve prepared one for myself. I’d like to be braver for the following years.”

“That says so little, yet seems to mean so much.”

“Given that you’ve been tagging along with me for just a month, I don’t think you’d really understand.”

“Yeah, I guess. Sorry for that.”

“It’s alright. Now, care to share yours?”

“Mine? I haven’t thought about mine. Maybe walk further than I did last year?”

“I’m getting the vibes that you’ve done that resolution for the past year, too.”

“You got me.”

“Our New Year’s somewhat an eventful one usually, with all the noise, fireworks, and the blinking lights, but the quiet atmosphere today says otherwise. How do you celebrate New Year back home?”

“We celebrate New Year with a lots of delicacies. Every house shares their meals with the rest of the village. No noise, though. It’s pretty eventful until all of us are answering the call of nature the next day, hahaha.”

“No wonder you’re wandering around the world. Gotta trim off those food from your New Yea- ouch! Sorry, sorry.”

“I haven’t been in our New Year’s for around four years, I think? Hah, now look at me now, all getting homesick.”

“I don’t see any reason not to go back… that is, well…”

“I don’t mind sharing you some bits of info on why I’m wandering around. To be even, you can share me some of yours, too, besides your quest to look for the villagers… I guess to an extent of what you can share.”

“Same here. If you want to tag along longer, I think it’s best that we get more things to talk about. So… wanna start?”

“Where should I start…”

“Maybe you could start from why were you wandering around in the first place, besides ‘just for fun’ or ‘exercise’. As much as I would like to settle on the latter, I think you have a more specific motive than that.”

“First, one more of those exercise jokes and you’ll be falling off this cliff. Second, I guess I could tell you some things. You’d better not sleep, for this will be quite a long story…”

“I figured that it wasn’t just – okay sorry! I’m all ears, miss.”

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“Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas. Didn’t know you celebrate it too back in your town.”

“Christmas is the most popular celebration at this time of the year. I actually just blurted it out of the blue, since I thought that you guys don’t celebrate it. I mean, with the villagers still gone and all…”

“You should’ve gone with the ‘Happy Holidays’ greeting instead, but good work on correctly guessing that we both celebrate the same greetings.”

“Thanks for clearing that up. Well, got any Christmas stories of your childhood to pass the time?”

“Ah, Christmas nostalgia. I can vouch for the great experiences I’ve had back then. It can never be replicated.”

“Why is that?”

“Well, as you grow older and once you learn more about how the world works, the magic behind staying past midnight, Santa Claus, the materializing presents, kinda wears off. Sure, you can ignore those things to relieve the magic, but I’m sure it won’t be like it was back then anymore. We’re not children anymore, and I guess just saying that brings up a lot of understanding.”

“That doesn’t mean that only our childhood innocence serves as a great experience during this season.”

“What other ‘great experiences’ do you refer to? Drinking out with friends? Partying in clubs? Hah, I’m not really keen on social interactions, honestly.”

“I’m talking about becoming the magic that the children admire.”

“I can’t say that I’m leaning towards your idea, but… I guess it’s better than what I thought. You are a pretty charitable woman, aren’t you?”

“Not really. Maybe you’re right, or you’re too selfish from my perspective.”

“I’ll just bet on the former. Damn you.”

“Kidding. Honestly, I haven’t done that for the last two or three years, so I’m not really that helpful person you imagined.”

“Given that we haven’t seen anyone for the last few weeks, I don’t think you have a choice in the first place.”

“Odd as it may be, this is the first time I’m celebrating it with a stranger.”

“Same here. It can’t be helped, though. I’ve hunted some ducks earlier, wanna roast it to celebrate?”

“With pleasure. This may sound cheesy and all, but this also counts as a great experience for me.”

“I’ll have to admit the same. Cheers.”

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“The world is beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. Only when looking at it from afar.”

“You seem to imply that the world is ugly when observed closely.”

“Is something that isn’t ‘beautiful’ already considered as ugly?”

“Then what description would you attribute to it?”

“I… don’t know.”

“Are you looking for the word ‘average’? ‘so-so’?”

“I can assure you that it’s not the right description.”

“Hah. Can you assure me that you guys living in here aren’t crazy?”

“Yeah, I gue- hey!”

“Just kidding, just kidding. Sorry if my humor’s not your type.”

“No biggie. ‘Sides, I don’t belong with the villagers here, really. I live from some hut far from them. I come here from time to time, though.”

“… And now, you’re looking for them.”

“I don’t know what happened. I’ve walked a long way from my hut; doesn’t hurt to look for them now that I’m here, right?

“Are you perhaps one of the villagers?”

“Ha, ha. No. I’m just travelling from place to place. No goals to reach. I’m pretty far from my starting point right now.”

“Your ‘no goals to reach’ sentence just sounds… sad.”

“Why you-”

“Kidding, kidding. I don’t think our senses of humor matches up.”

“Agree to disagree, then. So… have you found the description?”

“About the world in close-up view? Yeah, I guess. Beautiful and ugly, and everything in between.”

“What a cop-out.”

“Hard to explain. Let me see if I can word myself well. Wait for a while.”

“Sure thing. Wanna get going as you organize your thought?”

“I’m fine with that.”

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An Aside

I lost NaNoWriMo.

For a quick context (and assuming that you already know/googled NaNoWriMo), yeah I tried my hand at NaNoWriMo again (for the fourth time I think) so that’s why I didn’t update this blog during November. Limiting tasks didn’t seem to help, though.

But this may have been the furthest I’ve been yet. I mean, fuck yes I reached 11000 words! Pretty pathetic, but still. I’m planning on finishing that novel by December or January or whenever I get free time. I’d like to enter a new novel next year afterwards!

For eleven months, I think you’ve read too much metaphors and dialogue posts in this blog. As much as I intended it to be that way, I don’t want to leave any readers confused and thinking that these dialogues are mere attempts at being edgy (well not that I can’t stop you guys… alright it’s really edgy), so here’s an aside. I may insert more of these in between the edgy posts’ chapters, so I guess that may shed some light.

About the edgy posts having meaning: while the posts from the previous months were metaphors of my laziness, I’ll try putting some plot crafting and world building on my future edgy posts. Cutting it short, I’d like to make the story readable. I’m thinking of compiling those posts someday and reading them for the laughs, so at the very least I’d like to laugh at a story, not some jumbled mess of decomposing letters. Still some metaphors of experiences here and there, though, as long as it contributes to a decent, readable story.

Now time to procrastinate on my academic work.

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